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Homeschoolers are Naturals

Ok my people, if you are doubting yourself, listen up. There isn't a single, successful fad, strategy, buzzword, or methodology in public education that we homeschoolers don't already do absolutely naturally.

Think about what actually "works" in public education and I'll show you, we're the ones already doing that intuitively! Inquiry-based instruction, check; problem-based learning, everyday; standards ๐Ÿ™„, relationship-building (duh); small groups and one-on-one intervention (lol); hands-on, experiential learning, direct instruction, project-based learning, child-led learning.

The list goes on and on of the initiatives the so called educational experts push. If you really look at what's behind these initiatives, they are typically things that attempt to mimic what homeschoolers do on a daily basis.

This, my friends, is the leading edge of education, embrace the fact that you are naturally doing all the right things!

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