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2022-2023 CLASSES

 To register or for more information, email Carol at or call/text 775-997-8114. 

Ages/grades are recommendations only, I'm flexible depending on the student and situation, you know your child best.

Dates and breaks are listed at the bottom of the page. Fees listed are for the YEAR. I send invoices in late August and you can pay in whatever installments you prefer over the school year.  You can still join in most classes (if not full) after they have begun, I do my best to prorate the fees for you.  I do offer sibling discounts when possible. 

Classes are in person, you can drop off (if your kiddo is ok with that) or you can stay and play with us or a combination. 

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Under Construction - Previously planned middle school programming canceled due to lack of interest.

Chemistry Class


10AM-3PM - Chemistry - Grades 2-5 - FULL (email to be added to waitlist)

We'll be using Real Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 as our spine for morning labs and using a variety of resources for extension activities. In the afternoon we will do chemistry inspired cooking, crafting, and other cool hands on projects. I would prefer some reading and writing skills for this class as a prerequisite (unless attending as a younger sibling with an older sibling in the class). I would like a majority of students to be able to complete their own lab sheets. This curriculum is designed for grades 2-5, you can check it out at

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0AM-12PM Beginning IEW/Poetry Playtime  Grades K-5

Welcome to the power and joy of words and word play! We will learn the brilliant fundamentals of writing with structure and style from the methodology of the Institute for Excellence in Writing. We will also engage with the wonders of poetry with hands-on art and science activities that bring our theme of the day to life. This class has homework! I model the writing assignment in class and you work with your student to complete the assignment. It's easier on the parent if they are readers but it can be done if they are just emergent readers as well.

12-1 - Lunch/Playtime

1PM-3PM Young Zoologists/Naturalists - Grades K-5  - FULL (email to be added to waitlist)

For the love of animals and nature, tons of hands-on activities for our budding scientists. I haven't decided if I'm going to organize this around Biomes or do an A-Z thing yet. 

Medieval Castle


 10AM -3PM -  Middle Ages - Grades K-5 - FULL (email to be added to waitlist)

Welcome to the world of Celts, Vikings, Kings, Queens, Knights, Castles, Robin Hood, Shakespeare, plagues, Arabian Nights, Chinese Mythology, and more! This is an integrated, interdisciplinary class (History, Language Arts, Science, Art, etc.) with Story of the World Volume 2 as our anchor. We will use IEW (institute for Excellence in Writing) for writing. If you can only pick one class, this is the one, it has everything! There is homework for this class! If your kiddo is an emergent reader it can still be done, it's just a little more work for you as the parent with the reading and writing assignments, but worth it! Parents are responsible for securing a copy of Story of the World 2: Middle Ages and the books on our booklist of corresponding literature.

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10AM-12PM - World Geography - Grades 3-8

I plan on pulling from many resources for this class including Mapping the World by Heart, Mapping the world through Art. Yes, there will be mapping, however, the beauty of the study of geography is the "encounters" we can have while learning about other places and cultures that are so different than ours. Teaching geography is a passion of mine since I traveled all over the world as a young 22 year old, so please don't think this is just map studies!

12PM-1PM - Lunch/Playtime

1PM-3PM - Art- Grades K-8 - FULL (email to be added to waitlist)

This art class will use curriculum and projects from Deep Space Sparkle

Dates and Fees

Classes begin September 6 and end June 5. There are 32 weeks scheduled and I charge for 30 weeks in the event I need to cancel and can't make it up.

Breaks/Holidays/No Class: 

Fall break - 10/3-10/7

Thanksgiving - 11/21 - 11/25

Winter Break - 12/19 - 1/6

MLK jr: January 16

Presidents' Day: February 20

Spring Break 1 - 3/20 - 3/24

Spring Break 2 - 4/24 - 4/28

(Trust me on the 2 spring breaks spread out people :)

Fees: These fees are for the YEAR, invoiced at the beginning of the school year and payable in whatever installments work for you over the school year. If you join after classes begin, I do my best to prorate classes. It works about to approximately $6 an hour. Some classes require the purchase of books and/or  I have added a supply fee.  Please email me at and I will work to get you into the classes you want.

If you are signed up for a half day class, you are welcome to stay for lunch/playtime.

Half Days - $450 per class for the year

Full Days - $900 per class for the year

Programs 2022-2023: Programs
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